About KDP

The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO founded the Keystone Development Partnership (KDP) in 2005 as 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to create labor management and workforce development programs that serve local communities.  

Today KDP serves this mission by helping to catalyze training and apprenticeship programs and manage regional partnerships.   We bring together employers, unions, training providers, industry associations, community-based organizations and  public agencies to collaborate on initiatives that improve labor skills and productivity.  Our work helps ensure businesses have the skilled workers they need to thrive and unions have effective training programs for their members.

Meet the Team

Stuart Bass


Stuart is the founding Director of the Keystone Development Partnership, a non-profit created by the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO in 2005.  He has managed sector partnerships since 2002.  He is a graduate of the National Labor College with a Master’s Degree in Organization Development. sbass@kdpworks.org

John Tkach


 John is Director of Projects. He has extensive experience developing data-driven training programs and Industry Partnerships since 2005. John also leads initiatives that create new registered apprenticeship programs.


James Chiarchairo


James is a Program Manager for KDP.  He has spent 17 years managing academic and workforce development programs.  James has an MSc in Instructional, Design, Development & Evaluation from Syracuse University.  


John Paul


John is a Program Manager for KDP.  He has spent 18 years developing and managing workforce & economic development programs, both nationally and internationally.  John has an MBA from Cornell University.


Risë Enoch


Risë has been Data Management Specialist for KDP since 2007.  She has over 37 years of workforce program management experience with the PA Department of Labor & Industry.


Mary Jensik


Mary is KDP's Chief Financial Officer.  She is a certified public accountant with over 30 years of experience in auditing and accounting services in the public, private and governmental sectors.   Mary has a BSc Accounting from Elizabethtown College.