Keystone Development Partnership

Registered Apprenticeship Navigator

An apprenticeship program to train people to start apprenticeship programs

KDP is creating and sponsoring a new Registered Apprenticeship (RA) program for Apprenticeship Navigators. The competency-based program includes 2,000 hours of On-the-Job Training plus 144 hours of Related Technical Instruction (RTI). Penn State University has partnered with KDP to help deliver the RTI, including Project Management and seven additional professional training modules relevant to apprenticeship program development. 

This new RA is designed to meet the growing demand by employers for apprenticeship training by preparing workforce development intermediaries to assist in starting and scaling up RA programs. The goal is to develop the Keystone Apprenticeship Alliance – a network of people and resources for employers, unions, intermediaries, and government agencies across Pennsylvania to expand apprenticeship programs into new occupations and industries. The first cohort of 20 apprentices began in September 2019 in Southeast PA.

KDP is now recruiting apprentices in Central and Western Pennsylvania

All applicants must be employed full-time by an employer who will help facilitate the apprentice’s OJT. Candidates may apply for advanced placement. There is no charge for participation. Space is limited.

PA AFL-CIO Group Sponsorship


Helping unions & their employers to start and sustain apprenticeship programs

KDP is supporting the PA AFL-CIO to offer unions and their employers the opportunity to participate in their Group Sponsored Registered Apprenticeship. The PA AFL-CIO will help customize training, develop curriculum, and administer new Registered Apprenticeship and Pre-Apprenticeship programs.

KDP and the PA AFL-CIO can assist unions and their employers to:

  • Develop and register new apprenticeships as well as add occupations to existing apprenticeships
  • Work with subject matter experts at your location to customize curriculum for on-the-job training (OJT) and classroom content for related instruction for apprenticeships
  • Identify training providers for the program
  • Start effective Pre-Apprenticeship programs 
  • Identify local and state funding to build and sustain RA programs
  • Promote joint decision making and problem solving through labor management procedures

The PA AFL-CIO and KDP will take care of the paper work. We will assume administration of the program and offer technical support for your apprenticeship. Our goal is to develop the best apprenticeships governed by a Joint Apprenticeship Training Council (JATC) for employers and union members.

To learn more, contact Tara Toms, Apprenticeship Coordinator,